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    Five Seconds!

    World's Quickest Mod Motor. 5.88 and 254 mph.

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    Four Barrel  

    Check out Accufab Racing's selection of Four Barrels from 1215 CFM to 3600 CFM. The ultimate in performance parts engineering.

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    Designed to accommodate multiple sized
    tubing found on most blower or turbo
    applications, and will handle 60 lbs of boost!

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    Mustang GT 5.0L 2011-2012 Throttle Body. At 84.5mm it flows 32% more air than the OEM throttle body and more than any other new 5.0 throttle body on the market.

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    Mustang Cobra 2003-2004 Throttle Body and Inlet. Replace your Cobra's restrictive stock twin blade throttle body with our top of the line single blade unit and get your engine the air it's lacking.

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    Fuel the need


    The ultimate Fuel Pressure Regulator for your Ford, GM vehicle, or universal application. Made with pride in the USA by Accufab Racing.

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    Water Pump delete

    Accufab manufactures a high quality billet water
    pump delete inlet for competitive 4.6/5.4L racers
    using a remotely mounted electric water pump.

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Mustang 5.0L 90MM RACE

Special offer on one of Accufab's most popular throttle bodies.

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    • Coyote Secondary Chains

      Accufab introduces Coyote Secondary Timing Chains.
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    • 8500 Series 4-Barrel

      The Accufab 8500 series 4-barrel throttle body uses the same 2.75-inch bore as the dual . . .
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    • Mitch Cox: "High quality racing products at fair prices."
    • Vince Digirolamo: "What I like most about this shop is the support. George is friendly and knowledeable."
    • Martin Dimitrov: "Great selection of Mustang throttle bodies, good prices."
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    Huge selection OF THROTTLE BODIES.

    Our Throttle Body product line is the heart of Accufab. We proudly manufacture the best high performance, maximum air flow throttle bodies. Made with precision, and pride in the USA.

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    Accufab Racing manufactures Regulators to stabilize your fuel pressure under the most demanding conditions. We also offer fuel gauges, couplers, and rebuild kits.

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    Clamps that do the job everytime!

    Our clamps are designed to accommodate multiple sized tubing found on most blower or turbo applications and will withstand 60 pounds of boost! The ultimate in performance engineering.

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    Accufab’s line of big tube headers fill the need, of the high performance and racing Mustang enthusiast, for a custom designed header at a fraction of the cost of “build it on your car” headers.

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sack barrow cardboard 128xFree shipping for all of our throttle bodies and more.

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The world's baddest Ford Mod Motors in the world are built by Accufab Racing. 


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