Mark Heidaker's Ford GT

Posted by Accufab 15/02/2016 0 Comment(s) Customer Projects,

Mark Heidakers Ford GTImagine hitting 257 miles per hour…in one mile.


Sean Kennedy drove team owner Mark Heidaker’s Ford GT to a new Texas Mile speed record of 257.7 miles per hour during this weekend’s Texas Mile Event at Chase Field Industrial Complex in south Texas.


The team posted the amazing speed, which was a full 4.6 mph faster than the nearest competitive speed, during cool conditions Sunday morning of the three day event.


The previous record, 250.1 mph was equaled by the team on Saturday during their second pass of the day.




The car is a modified Ford GT with twin Precision Turbochargers, breathing into a racing engineered 5.4 liter Accufab Racing engine, which burns 117 octane racing gasoline.


The engine and power management as well as the data acquisition system are MoTeC and were calibrated by MoTeC tuner and racing consultant, Shane Tecklenburg.