Texas Mile Record

Posted by Accufab 07/04/2016 0 Comment(s) Customer Projects,Accufab News,

M2K Motorsports, Accufab Racing powered twin-turbo Ford GT took the record a few years back at 278.2mph, but this year they stepped it up even further clocking 279.9 mph.

This GT has a 5.4L Accufab Racing long block capable of over 2,000hp, Accufab rods, pistons, custom-spec Bryant crankshaft, fully ported and polished heads, custom-spec camshafts, Hogan billet intake with an air to water intercooler, a pair of monstrous Precision billet-wheel ball-bearing turbochargers and whole lot of time and engineering.

They dynoed it back in 2013 and put 1,894 horsepower to the rear wheels at 7,500 rpm. Here’s the best part; those numbers aren’t even on full boost. - Speed Society

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