Accufab Mustang

The Cougar has finally been put to pasture and a new Pro Street car has emerged, based on the body style of the new model Mustang. Development in the engine department has given horsepower increases, with better turbochargers and Ford GT cylinder heads. In this business, standing still is the same as moving backwards.

The new chassis is stronger and lighter, a better platform to handle the increased power (now over 3000 at 10,000 rpm). Although there is more to go, the new Mustang has already run 5.88 @ over 254 mph.


Mihovetz MustangThis isn't a tale of overnight success. As you read this story, keep in mind that John Mihovetz has been harassing modular Fords since before they were sold in Mustangs. His accomplishments are truly spectacular, and it's best to recognize they've come at the expense of nearly 20 years of constant effort. For those just checking in, John is the major blade at Accufab, a longtime performance manufacturer known for its polished billet throttle bodies. Under the same Accufab roof in Ontario, California is John's drag racing operation.

John started racing with pushrod 5.0's during the Fox era, and helped Jim Bell lay down impressive times with some of the first Kenne Bell-supercharged Mustangs. In 1995, a deal from a Ford insider put John in a 4.6-powered Fox Mustang. The car was an old FoMoCo engineering hack, and it set John on what's proving to be a life long modular development program.

One of the modular pioneers, John has arguably gone further than anyone when it comes to extracting power from these somewhat intricate engines. For years John raced a tube-framed Mercury Cougar in NHRA and mainly PSCA, the Pacific Street Car Association. He was runner-up in the '07 PSCA Pro Street and slugged his way to the '08 class championship with four wins. He's also the three-time AA/AT and four-time BB/AT NHRA Competition Eliminator record holder with the same car.


John Mihovetz CougarThe Cougar was a dedicated Lenco-transmissioned drag car; until it's retirement ran a best of 6.31 seconds at 229 mph, and was a proven, steady laboratory for John's ceaseless modular engine development, which hovers at an astounding 3000 hp. That makes it the undisputed horsepower-per-cubic-inch champion of the modular world. The accomplishment also puts the modular Ford far ahead of any current domestic engine in its ability to make and survive such power.


john bottom small 02What made John's power and speed so impressive is the small displacement and stock source for major portions of his engine program. Displacement is 282 ci-- call it a stock 4.6 liters-- using a stock aluminum Cobra block; Ford GT Four Valve cylinder heads, and Twin Precision turbochargers supply a mind bending 65 pounds of boost on top of an over 11:1 static compression ratio on alcohol.


Frankly, the combination is so unbelievable that some members of Ford Racing came by to inspect the engine firsthand. They went away shaking their heads, with reset expectations of what regular production parts can generate. We'll admit to a similar reclocking, not only of how much power the stock parts can muster, but also by the attention to detail required by 10 hp per cubic inch, plus the amazing in house capabilities of modern racers to manufacture their own supporting pieces.

Accufab's Mod Motor Records

World's Fastest & Quickest Mod Motor - First Mod Motor Into 8's, 7's, 6's, 5's - First + 200, 210, 220, 230, 240; 250 Mph - Fastest Screw Supercharged Lightning Truck - Fastest Screw Supercharged Shelby - Fastest Turbo Mustang - Fastest Ford GT 1/2 and 1 Mile - Two Standing Mile World Records 279.9mph M2K Motorsports Ford GT - PSCA Pro Street Champion - Eight PSCA Pro Street Wins - Seven Time NHRA Record Holder